What is Tui Na massage and how can it help you with your pain?

Tui Na ‘or’ Chinese medical massage is a therapeutic approach guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Tui Na was first seen during the Ming Dynasty. Tui Na is a fully clothed massage and is performed under a white sheet, the techniques used help break down and heal tight muscles tissue and improve the repair of injuries. Similar to physiotherapy it stretches and helps re-train the muscles and joints of the body, Tui Na is a dynamic massage and is adapted to each individuals needs. I use Tui Na mainly to treat muscular skeletal issues such as shoulder pain , back pain , tennis elbow etc , i use it along side acupuncture and together they work fantastically well. Tui Na works on the same principles as acupuncture by balancing and harmonising the channel network of the body, it also resets and re-adjusts the body when its structure is out of balance. Contact me to book in for a free 20 min consultation to talk about how Tui Na can help you.