Cupping is an extraordinary technique that has been passed down for thousands of years and continues to be widely used among professionals and lay people across many cultures today.

The healing process can be shortened by weeks, even months, by using this method that manually removes the blockage in ways that acupuncture needles, massage and other forms of treatment cannot.

Cupping is a suction technique designed to pull toxin build up and muscle waste from the body’s deeper tissue to the surface of the skin.

The cells of the body use oxygen and give off carbon dioxide; when the tissue is blocked, the cell waste or carbon dioxide gets blocked. This is called acid or toxin build up.

Physical pain implies a blockage in the flow of Blood and other vital substances through a particular area. When toxins or cell waste stagnate in the muscles or joints, it can be very difficult for the body to get rid of this waste, causing further blockage and discomfort.

By utilizing cupping techniques we are able, by vacuum or suction, to pull the blockage out of the deeper tissue and move it to the skin’s surface. Once on the surface, it is much easier for the body to eliminate toxins through the superficial blood supply or capillary system.

In only ten minutes of cupping, not only can we pull toxin build up out of specific areas, but we can also pull the fresh new blood into those areas, which will vitalize and restore proper blood flow. (Susan Johnson).


Keep the cupped area covered, warm and free from any drafts immediately after treatment and for the following three days to assure that the muscles do not tighten and spasm.

Drink plenty of water to help clear the toxins through the body’s normal excretory channels.

Take it easy after the cupping treatment and for the day after. Avoid any strenuous activity, especially if there is residual soreness.

Remember that your skin has not been bruised or traumatized; the coloration shows toxin release.

If you still have concerns, call your practitioner.



Gua sha is a treatment very similar to cupping and works on the same basis.

A flat smooth tool is used to gently scrap the tissues and muscles to break down Muscle adhesions and help fresh blood flow. 

Gua Sha does not break the skin and is usually not painful to receive. The marks that form on the skin are called therapeutic petechiae , they are part of the healing mechanism of the treatment. 

Take a look at this article the summarises the Science of Gua Sha ! -

‘Gua Sha is used whenever a patient has pain whether associated with an acute or chronic disorder… In addition to resolving musculo skeletal pain, Gua Sha is used to treat as well as prevent common cold, flu, bronchitis, asthma, as well as any chronic disorder involving pain, congestion"