My name is Lauren and I am 29 years old. I have suffered with chronic back pain for over 10 years – with this comes excessive amounts of prescription drugs. These tablets have very little effect of helping me live day to day without suffering greatly at the end of it. This has had a huge effect on my mental health and it basically consumed my every thought. “ohh I can’t do that because it will make my back hurt”. It was suggested to me that I try acupuncture by my mother in law. I did a little research and found Alex through a work colleague. If I’m honest I was a little dubious of this and thought that if medication doesn’t help, then this wouldn’t either.
After a few sessions with Alex I started to have results – I couldn’t believe it and can never repay him for what it has done to improve my life. I have started to have no pain days and also days were the pain is so insignificant that I can’t help but smile. This is after 10 + years of GPs and surgeons telling me that there is nothing that can be done for me. Not only has this man changed my life, but he is genuine and so caring for individuals that I feel at complete ease and trust him dearly. He really is knowledgeable about the body. Alex is extremely professional and will always put my needs first. He even helps with the side effects that the medication causes and not to mention my anxiety and mental health. I feel like a new me thanks to Alex.
— Lauren
Had a great treatment with Alex for my sore shoulder, he also helped treat me for stress felt amazing when I left!
— Sam
Alex has helped me in so many ways not only in mind but also in body. He is an amazing practitioner, very knowledgeable, caring, sensitive and has an amazing energy about him. I cannot recommend him enough. He has thoroughly converted me to Acupuncture.
— Susannah
Alex has really helped me refocus my mind and body through his treatments. I can’t thank him enough for his support. I always come away feeling revived and relaxed, and would highly recommend him to anybody wanting to try acupuncture! His gentle nature instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable!!!
— Adele
Alex is a kind and caring practitioner. You can count on him.
— Deb
Guaranteed a thorough treatment with Alex. I feel amazing today and love the way Alex researches every ailment to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient. Really starting to feel the benefits of acupuncture, cupping, massage and Gua Sha. Highly recommended.
— Donna
I was first recommended acupuncture as a treatment for my condition by a close friend and have to admit I was skeptical and a tad scared at the prospect. I know through family members that acupuncture can alleviate physical conditions, but was unsure what use it might be to me. Regardless, I booked an appointment with Alex and duly went along for my first ever session. He was incredibly friendly and talked me through the entire procedure; even showing me how small the needles were. Throughout the session, he explained each step as he went along and happily responded to any concerns I had. Whilst I originally thought the treatment would do very little, I left feeling very calm and relaxed having booked more sessions with him. After a full course with Alex, I highly recommend not only the treatment but the amazing, friendly and welcoming care which I received. A true 10/10 experience!
— John
I’ve been going to see Alex for almost a year now. I have a very physical lifestyle. I
train a lot in the gym, run and surf so my body is forever full of knots and problem
areas. Alex is very professional and extremely thorough in giving an all over body
``check up`` before beginning any required procedures.
He has extensive knowledge on the body and how it works. He is also very good at
explaining how certain problems within the body occur and tips on how to
strengthen specific areas to help with those issues.
Alex has performed several deep tissue massages on myself to help ease out
tension in my body which in turn helps me perform better in the gym and in the
water. I’ve also experienced acupuncture treatment with him to help with a running
injury I obtained last summer.
Alex has a natural calming aura about him which helps create a wonderfully relaxed
atmosphere during treatment.
Alex has definitely helped me over the year and I will continue to have further
treatments with him.
— Siobhan Lock
For years I have suffered with a recurring pain and discomfort in my back and
down into the leg. After my initial consultation, Alex has suggested it was a postural
issue with Other Internal Disharmonies. He recommended some small changes to
my eating habits and performed a deep tissue massage accompanied by some
needling. After the first session my mobility was significantly improved and the next
day I was in a lot less pain! After a few sessions I am now at a point where I have
regained complete mobility and I have been able to start running again! My back has
never felt better!!!
— Robin Shields
I honestly cant recommend Alex enough ; his holistic approach has worked wonders for my tennis elbow and shoulder problems. Alex is proffesional, Personable and his knowledge of chinese medicine is incredibly impressive
— Paul Yeomans