Frequently Asked Questions

What is TCM?

Traditional acupuncture is a system of medicine/healthcare which is based on ancient principles dating back 2000 years. over the past couple of millenia medical scholars have contributed to the refinement and development of the art of acupuncture.

Tradtiional acupuncture sees illness and pain as indications that a person is out of balance. The aim the acupuncturist is to restore the person’s equilibrium by inserting fine needles and stimulating the body towards healing.

What does a treatment involve?

A treatment consists of an initial diagnosis, what is known as a ‘TD’ or Traditional Diagnosis, lasting for 20/30 mins , and a course of subsequent treatments lasting 45-60 mins each. In the ‘TD’ a detailed case history is taken of the patient’s condition and general health (energy levels, sleep patterns etc) as well as their lifestyle. The point of this is for me to build up an diagnosis which is unique to each patient. To further help me with this I also take a detailed diagnosis of the patient’s pulses (taken at the wrist) and tongue and look at the posture and palpate reflexes . Having done this, fine needles are then inserted into certain acupuncture points in order to correct the patient’s condition, or put another way, stimulating the patient’s healing response. 

After the needles have been inserted you will Relax on the treatment couch for 20 mins , Most patients fall asleep as this can be deeply relaxing. 

I May also use Medical massage or Cupping/Gua Sha as part of your treatment if it is indicated. 

Does it hurt?

The simple answer is not really ! you do feel some mild sensation (Dull ache or heaviness) but not pain. We use very fine single use needles and most people feel very little ! The majority of patients fall asleep during the treatment as it can be deeply relaxing. If you are anxious about the needles we can work around this and use fewer needled and other techniques such as acupressure.